ALL Natural, 100% American raised Angus Beef & Buffalo

Zero Carbs.

Zero Sugars.

Our high-protein jerky snacks are

Gluten Free and Keto approved.

America’s # 1

American Raised Jerky


Beef Jerky


Protein Bites


Beef Sticks




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Honoring America’s Heroes

A portion of proceeds is given back to American heroes

BRAVE Experience is building a brand to last a lifetime and have a positive impact on the world by honoring and celebrating America’s heroes. As a brand we strive to recognize, honor, encourage, edify and empower those who have served or are serving our country by giving them a dream experience.

Despite their demonstrations of bravery and courage, their stories all too often go unrecognized and under celebrated. Our intention is to motivate the consumer, with this lifestyle brand, to consciously align themselves with our brand that seeks to show the military and first responder communities the honor they so richly deserve.

We want to inspire a culture of gratitude and provide people with opportunities to join together and lift up our American heroes.

We are honored to donate a portion of your purchase of BRAVE Experience to help support our Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, and First Responders.

ALL Natural, 100% American Raised

Angus Beef & Buffalo

Help support our American Ranchers!

Live Natural & Free ®

We are as passionate about our health as we are our heroes. Therefore, creating a culture of health is a huge part of our mission, which is why BRAVE Experience only uses beef and buffalo raised by American ranchers.

BRAVE Experience is all natural and free of artificial ingredients, gluten, nitrates, nitrites, MSG, any added hormones and antibiotics. Its taste is as pure as the mountains and plains that it comes from. BRAVE Experience is worthy of the hero in all of us.

Live Natural & Free!!

Jodi & Weston